Available Joeys

I currently have joeys in pouch. Please message for more details! 





All grey males will be neutered before sale unless requested otherwise. Joey adoption fee must be paid in full on pick up or beforehand. Each new owner will be provided with a bonding pouch. I may sometimes have single joeys for sale but I will only let them go to a home where they will be living with other gliders. I will provide a care sheet that will cover proper dietary and housing requirements to those who want it.


Adoptions will be considered on a first come, first serve basis as long as I think the joeys are going to a good home. I reserve the right to reject any adoption offers for whatever reason. First and foremost these animals are my pets. I aim to take great care in providing forever homes for them.

I would prefer to sell my joeys to people who I see to be actively researching glider care. I would recommend any potential owners to register at www.sugar-glider.co.uk or join the Sugar Glider UK facebook page.